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Address:Tech Industrial Park in Tai Xing urban district
Tel:+86 523-87996888
   +86 523-87996088
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Fax:+86 523-87996999
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Web: www.txljsj.com

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    Jiang Su Tai Xing Long Reducer Co., Ltd has powerful technical force,a large research team,bringing in advanced technology from abroad continuously,developing and producing all kinds of reducers professionally.The major production: Soft tooth surfaces, medium hard-toothed surface and hard-toothed surface series reducers;planet gear speed reducer;Hoisting machinery special reducer;different kinds of electric rollers;cycloidal two-speed reducer and also nonstandard reducer produced according to clients special needs.
    we warmly welcome you coming guidance!
    More "Tai Xinglong",more brisk business you own.
    More"Tai Xinglong",more successsful your business is.
  QR101 reducer  
  NCZD Series  
  NBZD Series  
  NAZD Series  
  QJY Hardened Reducer  
  QJY ...  
  QY34D Series Reducer  
  QY4D Series Reducer  
  NCD planetary gear reducer  
  NCD ...  
  NBD planetary gear reducer  
  NBD ...  
  NAD planetary gear reducer  
  NAD ...  
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Address:Tech Industrial Park in Tai Xing urban district  Tel:0523-87996888 Fax:0523-87996999


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